Institutional Effectiveness

Data is the backbone of WCTC’s research-based decision-making processes, and the Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) unit provides essential information and analysis for improving the College’s efficiency and effectiveness. IRE’s primary responsibilities include: 

  • Institutional research
  • Long-range strategic planning 
  • New program development
  • Program modifications
  • Program and service unit quality reviews
  • State and federal mandated reporting 
  • Tracking and maintaining performance metrics 
  • Benchmarking college outcomes
  • Supporting accountability (e.g., outcomes-based funding)
  • Data dashboard
  • Institutional Review Board functions
  • Supporting data collection processes
  • Providing support to college units (e.g. conducting focused surveys and other research)

These efforts allow WCTC to respond to a rapidly changing and complex landscape of lifelong education and workforce development. 


WCTC’s Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) unit constantly measures and shares statistics so that the College can continually improve. Explore some of IRE’s recent reports:

Our Team

Ann Krause-Hanson, Ph.D. | Vice President - Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Effectiveness | 262.691.5207

Heather Albinger, CPA, MS | Faculty and College Office of Accreditation, Self-Study and Assessment | 262.691.5040

Indira Vadapally | Business Intelligence Coordinator | 262.691.5170

Viktor Brenner, Ph.D. | Institutional Research Coordinator | 262.691.5577

Dawn Voigt, Ph.D. | Program Development and Evaluation Coordinator | 262.691.7825

David Schubot, Ph.D. | Program Development and Evaluation Coordinator | 262.691.5173

Ann Morstad Boldt | Administrative Assistant | 262.691.5158

Jean Furstenberg | Administrative Assistant | 262.691.5479