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Taking a class can help you add skills to your resume, advance in your workplace, explore a new interest or pursue a hobby. Whatever your goal, WCTC has you covered. Choose from hundreds of courses to fit your interests, schedule, budget and lifestyle.

If you’re interested in taking a class and are not seeking a degree or financial aid, no application is necessary. If you're 62 or older, you're eligible for our senior discount on noncredit courses.

Use our convenient course search or explore by category below. When you’re ready, follow our simple registration steps for course-takers.

Continuing Education and Specialized Training

Improve your job skills or maintain your certification in our continuing education courses and specialized training.

Personal Enrichment Courses

Explore your interests and invest in lifelong learning in our personal enrichment courses.

General Education Courses

Develop core knowledge in a variety of useful subjects in our general education courses.

Traffic Courses

Improve your knowledge of driving skill concepts and traffic laws, whether court-ordered or voluntary, in our traffic courses. Courses are held at the Waukesha Campus, with the exception of Defensive Driving for Teens. Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.