Small Business Center

Starting and growing a business is about combining your courage and dreams with the right knowledge. The WCTC Small Business Center helps you acquire that knowledge through a wide variety of affordable courses, services, events and more. Here’s how we can help you start and grow your small business:

Noncredit Courses

Learn about start-up basics, business planning, accounting, taxes, marketing, sales, technology and more.

Small Business Certificate (Noncredit)

Complete eight noncredit courses to receive your certificate along with a $380 scholarship, free one-year chamber membership and access to the Micro Seed Fund.

Small Business Services

Get expert help through free one-on-one counseling, technical assistance, the Take a Professional to Lunch program and more.

Networking Events

Connect with other entrepreneurs by attending the Small Business Connections Networking Group, Women Entrepreneur Speaker Series, ActionLearningTM Workshops and more.

Entrepreneurship Certificate (Credit)

Discover what it takes to start a successful small business venture and explore the world of entrepreneurship in an interactive classroom setting during this 15-credit certificate program.