WCTC Foundation

The WCTC Foundation was established in 1977 with a clear mission: to secure charitable resources to help our students achieve their educational goals. WCTC and its Foundation work together to foster lifelong learning and workforce development in our community through creativity, enthusiasm and collaboration. All gifts donated to this registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit are tax deductible.

Foundation Facts

Donations have totaled more than $26 million, with more than 17,000 gifts received. Millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded to thousands of students, all thanks to our generous donors.

Board of Directors

  • Dan Wolfgram, Chairperson
  • Mary Manning, Past Chairperson
  • Stuart Schroeder, Vice Chairperson
  • Sandy McGee, Treasurer
  • Richard R. Brandt, Secretary
  • Richard Brandt
  • Eric Delzer
  • Philip Kubow
  • Mary Manning
  • Tammy McCormack
  • Sandy McGee
  • James Riley
  • John Robertstad
  • Manuel Santos
  • Stuart Schroeder
  • Dan Wolfgram
  • Kaylen Betzig, WCTC President
  • Robyn Ludtke, District Board Liaison
  • Michael Shiels, WCTC Staff Representative
  • Dawn Voigt, WCTC Staff Representative
  • Edward Wierzbicki, WCTC Staff Representative
  • Ellen S. Phillips

Foundation Reports